Table of Contents

A Labor of Love—Writing the History of a Research Station

Ego Observations: Bees vs. Dinosaurs

Bats, Bats, Bats

Tagging Frogs

Biological Field Stations Are Critical Laboratories for Environmental Scientists

What’s in a Field Station?

Beech Knoll Cottage

The Mill House Gang

Rescuing Historic Papers After a Flood

G. Kingsley Noble and the Huyck Preserve

1912 High School Biology Lab

Bullfrog Camp

What Else Was Happening in 1931?

Vincent J. Schaefer (1906-1993)

The Early Years of a Biological Field Station

Jessie Huyck: A Remarkable Woman


Lake Myosotis

The Mill That Huyck Built

Treasures in the Archives

What I Learned on Lake Myosotis

Pseudoscorpion Named for Huyck Preserve

The Many Lives of Lincoln Pond Cottage

Lincoln Pond (poem)


The Beast from Lake Myosotis

Scarneck, the Huyck Preserve Snapping Turtle

July 4: The Birthday of Vincent Schaefer

July 6: The Birthday of Kennard F. Stephenson Jr.

August 5: The Birthday of David Weininger

September 24: On This Day, the Research Station Was Founded

The Bee Man: Jerome G. Rozen Jr.

What the Preserve Has Meant to Rensselaerville

The “Arms Race” in an Acorn

About L. Stephenson Carter

L. Stephenson Carter is a science writer/editor and was also on the board of directors of the E.N. Huyck Preserve in Rensselaerville, NY.
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